Want to enter the Danish market? Let the PR agency Kemp & Kjær help you get coverage in Denmark

Kemp & Kjær is a PR agency in Denmark specialized in digital growth companies. If you want to enter the Danish market, we can help you grow your business through PR targeted clients, employees, politicians and other stakeholders.

How we can help you

Having access to all Danish media and a wide network of journalists, we can strengthen your strategic communication in Denmark by offering everything from campaigns, press releases and product launches, to corporate communication, including professional management of your media crisis.

Adapt to the media culture – how to communicate in Denmark

Every culture is distinctive, and the Danish is no exception. The Danish way of doing PR differs from how it is carried out in e.g. the U.S. The Danish public sector is big and hence has an immense influence on the public’s expectations to corporations, as well as the Danish ‘Jantelov’ complicates the way large companies communicate – there is an underlying risk of being alienated and perceived as arrogant.

We do not only assist you in managing and avoiding the common mistakes that foreign cultures do when operating in Denmark, we also help you navigating in the Danish and Scandinavian media landscape.

Your way into Denmark and Scandinavia

If you want to enter not only the Danish market, but are also thinking of a Scandinavian expansion into Sweden and Norway, Kemp & Kjær can help. We have partnered up with Swedish and Norwegian PR agencies in what we call the Northern PR Network, offering you a comprehensive PR effort across borders.

Keen on entering the Danish market but not sure how to find the proper PR agency?

Contact us today on phone +45 41423635 or email mark@kempkjaer.dk for an conversation about how we may strengthen your presence in Denmark. – If you have industry specific needs, we might be able to find another suitable PR agency in Denmark.