About Kemp & Kjær

Kemp & Kjær is a Copenhagen-based PR-agency focusing on external communication and cooperating with a network of suppliers.

Our model guarantees a minimum of overhead and direct communication. In other words, you are guaranteed a service without superfluous expenses.

By drawing on our wide network, our clients get the core skills required for the project at hand.

It is up to our clients to decide, when to utilize Kemp & Kjær as a full-service agency or as PR specialists.

Partners in Kemp & Kjær

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Jakob Kemp Hessellund

· The creative one

· A news-minded networker

· Former CEO within the IT industry

· Journalist, HA(jur)

· Der Alte

Jakob is the former co-founder and CEO of Encode, supplying advertising agencies, large retailers and marketing departments with IT solutions.

Jakob has solid experience from the business side of things and is educated both as a journalist and BA in business and law. In 2012 he founded the PR agency, Hessellund Consult, to help tech companies get media coverage. This led to the foundation of Kemp & Kjær in 2015.

Contact Jakob at +45 4038 4586 or jh@kempkjaer.dk

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Mark Benfeldt Kjær

· The analytical one

· Digital whiz kid and political savvy

· Experience from various PR agencies

· Cand.soc, Political Communication & Management

· Der Junge

Since 2008, Mark has worked with communication and media handling, and holds experience within PR and Public Affairs, as well as media analysis from two large media agencies.

Mark has carried out political campaigns, and most recently assisted various companies with communication and press relations in his own agency, prXpress.

Contact Mark at +45 4142 3635 or mark@kempkjaer.dk


Jakob Vesterager

  • Former Journalist at Reuters Finans, ShippingWatch and Copenhagen Business School
  • Graduated from Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2014
  • Copywriter

Jakob has worked with journalism and communicatons since 2011, primarily in the fields of business and research. He has worked freelance and in permanent positions, which has presented him with a wide range of tasks and experiences.

Contact Jakob at +45 2494 4429 or jv@kempkjaer.dk

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Tine Moe

Junior Consultant

As a Junior Consultant, Tine is contributing in creating strong communication for our clients. Tine has previously worked as a Research Analyst at a Danish executive search company, where she was engaged in project- and process management, preparation of different reports, phone interviews and research.

Tine Moe is studying cand. merc. Communication Management and Leadership at University of Southern Denmark in Odense with expected graduation in 2017. She studied her undergraduate degree (HA Almen) at Copenhagen Business School.

Contact Tine at +45 3137 4578 or tmo@kempkjaer.dk

About the name

The middle names have become the company name for the simple reason that they are harmonious: “Kemp & Kjær” instead of “Kjær and Hessellund”, not to mention “Benfeldt and Hessellund” or “Benfeldt and Kemp”.

But the name is not everything; what counts is substance and results. Though, it is nice to be able to communicate the company name clearly without having to spell it.

Are you in need of rebranding?

In the same way we help our clients by eliminating all noise from their communication, so the message will be communicated in a clear and coherent way reaching the target audience.

P.S. If you have played in a band or founded a company, you have most certainly been faced with the nightmare of figuring out the perfect name. It is a relief when you find a name that both makes sense and has a good vibe.

P.P.S. Perhaps you are facing a name change of a company or product yourself? Read how you handle rebranding.