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Money isn’t everything.

Enthusiasm provides far greater motivation than cool cash, so we involve ourselves only in projects that we sincerely believe in. Our clients find that we are part of the team; that we are passionate about their mission.

That is why we create results that both our clients and we are proud of.

Are Kemp & Kjær expensive?

Kemp & Kjær is not pricier than other good PR agencies.

We spend time on creativity. We put wild ideas and daring angles through a plenary reality check, and we assure the quality (e.g. proof read) of everything we produce so it lives up to both our clients’ and our own standards.

Thus we might be more expensive than a competitor’s bargain price.

‘Nuff said: How much? 

Call Jakob or Mark and get your quote.

NB: We have special startup pricing. Hear if it applies to your case.