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PR for growth businesses

Support your growth with media coverage.

Visibility pays off. Access to investors, new employees and clients is much easier for companies after media coverage – positive, of course.

We help you to bridge the gap between what you want to tell and what media want to tell their readers, listeners and viewers.

In this way we ensure that you will be top of mind among your target audience, so you can fulfill your mission – then we have carried out ours.

The journalist is the client

We will take care of all the practical aspects of the PR, and we, in turn, expect you to be available when the media claim your presence. Your story is important, but we also know that it is in competition with the stories of other companies. It is like sales: You have to be ready when the client shows up. The journalist is the client, not vice versa. We have a very high success rate when “selling” stories to the media.

We work with all kinds of media, and even though you are an IT company, it may not be the Tech section of a national newspaper that is best suited for your story. The most important thing is to be present where the target audience gets its news.

We start out by understanding your business. Afterwards, we find out together, what your PR campaign should support – searching for investors, attracting employees or new clients. This approach increases the chances of a positive effect on your bottom line.

Write to Jakob or give him a call at +45 4038 4586 to get input on your future growth.