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PR strategy is the foundation of success.

Together we plan your PR strategy, providing us with the framework for efficient execution and allowing us to generate the coverage that you need.

A PR strategy does not need to be long and complicated. In fact, for a medium-sized growth business it typically takes a few hours to get to the core of the business and make a plan.

It is essential for us to acquire an in-depth understanding of your business in order to recommend a PR strategy that will produce results on your bottom line, both short and long term.

The understanding also provides us with the basis for grabbing the opportunity when the media agenda is open to your input. We are fast moving and on target.

Objectives, audience and media

By knowing your objectives, we can identify the relevant target groups and choose the appropriate media. Then we discuss stories and perspectives.

Write to Jakob or Mark or give them a call at +45 4038 4586 (Jakob) or +45 4142 3635 (Mark) to arrange a meeting.