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Press coverage

We generate press coverage by telling your company’s stories in the way the media would tell them to their readers, listeners and viewers.

We ensure maximum press coverage of both the good story that all the media want and stories with a twist that are suited for just one of the major media and various niche media.

We know the effect and target audiences of the various media, and we work according to the news criteria that determine whether the media choose to bring a story.

TV is God

TV can have a massive impact on your company, and TV coverage may be make-or-break for your company’s sales budget. If your story meets the criteria of the TV stations, we can make it go right through to the news or to national TV programs at peak viewing times.

Write to Jakob or Mark or give them a call at +45 4038 4586 (Jakob) or +45 4142 3635 (Mark) to get an evaluation of the PR potential of your story.