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Rebranding and change of name

A new name requires careful consideration, whether it’s for a product or an entire company.

Sometimes a change of name is necessary, as when two companies merge. You have to communicate the new setup to your surroundings, regardless of whether it’s a matter of  using one of the names or operating under both names.

Names are incorporated over time: When clients trust the name sufficiently, they purchase your product. People search for the name on Google, and websites are shown as links and bookmarks.

Name changes should be planned carefully. It is not rocket science, but take a number of practical steps to be achieved. A large part of the rebranding is accomplished smoothly via e-mails, letterheads, invoices, logos and other external communication reaching clients and partners.

Your new name should be announced through newsletters directly to all stakeholders;clients, suppliers and partners, and subsequently through a series of publicity activities associating the new name with the old one.

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