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Video provides authenticity to your message

If you style your video like a TV news report it will not feel like a commercial to the viewer.

A “Video News Release” is an excellent way to get your message across:

    • You show yourself as a good source of information who can handle being on TV
    • Video is more engaging and credible than text
    • TV and web media can use your high-quality video clips

Cases, management communication, events

Videos can be uploaded on the company website, preferably via Youtube or Vimeo, where you can create a channel with several videos that people can also find independently of your website.

    • The client case effectively and with credibility demonstrates that your clients are happy with the product.
    • The management interview is a powerful way to communicate company news, internally as well as externally.
    • An event video perpetuates the spirit and motivation of a good event.

Google values quality content such as video, which increases your search engine rankings.

It is simple

It takes about one day of work to make a video of 1 to 2 minutes – including pre-interview, script, recording, editing, feedback and revision – and upload to Youtube or Vimeo.

Write to Jakob or give him a call at +45 4038 4586 and get an idea for your next video – and end-to-end service in video production.