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B2B Impact Tech

Greentech. Watertech. Batteries. Energy Storage. Climate data. Renewable energy. Nuclear Energy.

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Construction, waste, recycling

Waste. Recycling. Upcycling. Transportation. Construction. Facility management. Contractors.

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IT. Tech. Scaleups.

Mobility. SaaS. Venture. M&A. Cyber security. Fintech. Martech. Contech. Greentech.

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How do we contribute to our planet when doing PR for you?

We believe in technology’s power to create a better world by transcending borders more effectively than politics, as we love technology ourselves.

We use PR to help tech companies reach more people globally and accelerate the impact of their breakthroughs.

Expand your brand globally with targeted PR

You will have access to our global network of PR agencies in over 100 countries.

Our non-exclusive network ensures relevant experience for your PR in each country.

Latest from Kemp & Kjær

Chronicle on greenwashing in Børsen

In March 2023, we wrote an article in Børsen about why it’s great that greenwashing is hunted down, but that there are problems in the way it is done.

Google’s Bard blunder: Mark from Kemp & Kjær explains the consequences in an interview in Kforum

As experts in the tech industry, Kemp & Kjær were interviewed by Kommunikationsforum about what it means for Google that the launch of their artificial intelligence, Bard, offered failures in the first attempt during the demonstration.

Global PR? Basics are the same

In October 2022, we met a number of the more than 80 agencies that – like us – are members of the GlobalCom PR Network at GCPR’s annual conference, this time held in Dubai.

Rebranding interview: Hansen’s Ice Cream Changes Name to Hansen’s

Kemp & Kjær got a call from Politiken, who wanted an interview in connection with Hansens Flødeis changing its name to Hansens.

Media training with Kemp & Kjær

Is media training really necessary?

Do you get the questions in advance? Can you correct your quotes? Rarely, but read what you can do.

Jakob guides to say “sorry” in Loud (soon 24Syv)

Today I have been on Radio Loud in a sober wise-age program, “The Boiling Point” with Filiz Yasar

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